I’m so excited to announce that my latest novel, “Hidden Steps: Behind the Veil” is available on Amazon!

In it I explore the concepts of fate, predestination, the supernatural, and God’s ultimate plan. We follow a young man through a year of his life. During that year he travels from a life of sin and disbelief, to a relationship with God and a willingness to play a part in God’s grand design. We watch the protagonist seemingly stumble blindly through a wild, violent, and troubled period of his life. Danger and life-threatening situations are the norm, as are seemingly impossible and unbelievable events that he has trouble explaining away. I then retells each chapter from a new perspective; that of the angelic and demonic beings that are locked in an ancient battle for our destiny. The reader gets a glimpse of the epic conflicts, and the planning that go into carrying out God’s plan. At the end we see that the random things we experience everyday may not be so random after-all.