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I wrote this a while back as a beginning to a story. I liked the imagery. What do you think is happening here because I still have no idea? Let me know what you think about it.

The screaming made his teeth burn. It was an odd sensation. They actually felt like they were on fire, and he could have sworn he tasted metal. He registered this input in a deep, rarely used part of his brain that was somehow removed from the frantic terror that had jumped into the driver’s seat. Nothing mattered except breaking free. Nothing. Not the sting of stomach acid biting at the inside of his nostrils. Or the way the vomit had made the front of his shirt feel thick and heavy like wet plaster as he ran. Nothing.

The fact that he still couldn’t breathe, or see very well for that matter didn’t concern him in the least. He had to get away. Everything had gone white. The world was running away. His mouth clapped shut when his knees hit the ground. A coughing spasm forced it back open moments later. It was hard to breathe. Fat ropes of spittle and mucus hung from his lips and nose, and the dust in the air had combined with his tears to create a crusty paste that had effectively sealed his eyes shut.

Chest heaving. Everything was still white. There was nothing but now. No reason he could consciously articulate for the fear, there was just fear. That’s all there was. Pure animal-brain fear.

Sensations chipped away at the adrenaline like a pick-axe through thin ice. Beams of light broke through his lashes. His eyelids were made of sandpaper. Falling forward. His right hand began screaming at him. It rolled sideways off the rock pile it had landed on leaving a thin blood spot where his wrist buckled. His shirt was cold against his skin. There were flashes of purple and red. The ringing in his ears was beginning to make his nose run again. There were voices. Now hands. Hands grabbing him. Holding him. Turning him. It had all gone from white to clear. The world was clear, non-existent. Then there was nothing.”

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